Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Etsy Purple Color Block Beaded Bracelet

I bought the materials for this bracelet on a trip to relocate my daughter in St Louis. With some time to kill we looked up the bead stores in town and came across Lady Bug Beads. It was a nice bead store. I found the color block stones there and some of the seed beads.

I used 4 sizes of seed beads to make the rings in a 1 inch circle.

I made 4 rings and strung the stones and rings in a alternate pattern.
Color Block Purple Beaded Bracelet

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Show Displays

I want to share with you my displays from a recent Artisan Show at the Niantic Bridal Mall. I wanted to have a garden theme for the show. I didn't want to have a table. I wanted people to wander around and get into the feeling of a garden.

I found the trellis's at Lowes. The ones that I chose had curly details that were perfect to hang the jewelry on.

I needed to stabilize the trellis's.I didn't want to lug a heavy planter so I fashioned two boxes. One to pierce the box with the legs of the trellis. The other to resemble a terra cotta planter.

I had to spray paint the box. My 1st experience with spray paint.
I added glass stones and lots of flowers.
I think it came out great. What do you think?