Monday, January 10, 2011

Blogging, the Beginning

Where to begin with Blogging? Start where I am now, or at the beginning? Alas where is the beginning? Is it that I was born to a mother that has never feared anything and has tried her hand at any craft? Or is it that I am granddaughter to a woman that knit, quilted, crocheted, beaded, tatted, sewed, and cooked as if all were effortless. Perhaps it comes from my Scottish grandfather who owned and keep running a sweater factory thru the depression and the war.

One never really knows from where their talents spring.
It is hard to decide on a craft but beads call my name. Perhaps you can hear them? Some people like big beads but for me the tiny beads have my fascination. They have such great potential so small yet they allow you to form them into sooo many things.

So we will begin with my love of beads. It all starts in 1969, 42 years ago. My left knee swelled up one day. ( Lyme Disease was just being discovered ) I was doomed to total bed rest for 4 months. My mother bought me some beads to fill the time. Back then love beads were all the rage. I of course had a loom and made great lengths of loomed beads. Beads were different then. There were far less colors. The shapes were less uniform and there weren’t as many sizes.

Now a days beads lend themselves to such great projects. I try with every project to challenge myself to up my game.

So join me on this journey that the beads take us.

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