Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Orange and Turquoise Bib Necklace

My Orange and Turquoise Bib Necklace is finally finished. I took some time off to work on the contest piece. 
I started with a heavy weight interfacing and added the stones.

then the pattern of filling in the background. 
Then I added a tan leather backing and trimmed the edge with a tiny orange bead whip stitch.
Then I added 18 inches of orange ribbon on both sides.


The Beaded Pillow said...

This is so gorgeous! This must have taken you ages to complete! The detail is absolutely amazing. Did you say this is for a contest? I'm sure you'll do well if it is.

emptynestegg said...

Thank You. The contest is below. I had set this aside to do the contest.
I still have to take pictures of the contest piece.

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