Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ice Crystal Necklace Inspired by The Great Gatsby and Oz the Great and Powerful

I finished the Ice Crystal necklace and just love how it came out.  

I was inspired by the trend of Art Deco that is the theme of costumes in the movies The Great Gatsby, and OZ the Great and Powerful

As I mentioned in the last post I surrounded the crystal with beads. 

Then I added a net chain with a variety of white beads. the joining beads in the net have a gilt finish it gives it an elegant twist.

I love the way the clasp came out. I used a gold plated bead for a pop of color. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

A Necklace Fit for Glinda or Daisy

My next project in the Art Deco theme is based around a Clear Round Swarovski Crystal.
The necklace would fit right in with the themes of design for Glinda in Oz the Great and Powerful or Daisy in The Great Gatsby.

So far I have picked the beads and started surrounding the crystal with them to hold it in place.

Check back to see my progress.
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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Art Deco has come to Town

Art Deco Is in Folks. You have to admit that some of the best dresses this year at the Oscars were Art Deco. From Halle Berry,  Catherine Zeta-Jones, to Jessica Chastain Beaded and grand is back.

Don't forget the movies that have an Art Deco theme OZ the Great and Powerful, and The Great Gatsby. The optics in these movies is stunning.

So with that in mind I have been happily beading in the theme of Art Deco
Above is a Swarovski Crystal pendant Necklace. I surrounded the crystal with 3 sizes of beads and added a Spiral chain of two colors of seed beads.
The clasps is a peyote ring and toggle hand made by yours truly.

I also made a similar necklace with a great neon button. The necklaces are somewhat different in that the button is actually the clasp and is front and center.
I also used a peacock variegated green seed bead for the spiral.
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Join me in a Peyote Beading Class

Join me in a Beading class at Raspberry Junction in Niantic, CT.
 I have been beading for 43 years.
Peyote is a versatile beading stitch, Change the size and shape of the beads and you have a very different piece.
Participants in the class will begin on large beads to learn the technique. Written and oral directions will be combined to help all to learn the stitch.
You will need to bring any magnifying glasses you need. ( I buy mine at the dollar store) If you find you need a work lamp feel free to bring one.
The peyote class is scheduled on April, 6th 12:00PM and will last for 2 hours. 
The cost of $25.00 includes thread, needle, and beads to complete the pendant pictured.   Practice beads will also be provided.